Jenny’s Nest for Facial Feminization Recuperation

JennysNest in MarbellaFACIALTEAM is pleased to recommend Jenny’s Nest for facial feminization recuperation, a safe haven in the heart of trans-friendly Marbella. Just a short distance from HC Hospital, these accommodations are specially designed for FFS patients as a home away from home during postoperative recovery.

The mission of the NEST is to provide support during what can be a vulnerable time.  Their objective is to take care of the routine details so that patients can have complete peace of mind when traveling abroad for facial feminization surgery.


What is Jenny’s Nest?


Jenny’s Nest is a luxurious private villa exclusively for FACIALTEAM´s FFS patients and their guests. The secure grounds are convenient to shopping in downtown Marbella and feature beautiful gardens, a swimming pool, and a supportive family environment with opportunity for privacy or socializing, depending on the patient’s needs.

The chalet is a 15-minute taxi ride to HC Hospital and within walking distance of the historic Old Town of Marbella, with shops and dining plentiful. A fully-equipped community kitchen is available to all guests when they aren’t in the mood to eat out.

Most importantly, the NEST is a place where a caring and experienced team of trans women who have had FFS are dedicated to making your facial feminization recuperation as comfortable as possible.JennysNest social room


What services are provided for facial feminization recuperation?


The Nest team will take care of you from the moment you arrive. After receiving you at the Malaga airport, they will accompany you to Marbella to get settled in. You will feel safe and at home there, where  a range of services are provided, including:

  • Helping you get to know the city of Marbella, joining you for walks, dining, and day trips; accompanying you to the supermarket for groceries to prepare meals after your surgery.
  • Escorting you to your pre-operative tests, doctor consultations, and the hospital on the day of surgery (Transport covered by FACIALTEAM). Providing support and company at the hospital before your operation and during your stay in the hospital as well as the checkups.
  • Assistance with routine daily tasks after returning from the hospital to Jenny’s Nest. They help you follow your postoperative care routine, including charting your medications, care of surgical incisions and hair washing if needed.


Why is Jenny’s Nest a great option for FFS patients?JennysNest garden pool


The accommodations and services at Jenny’s Nest were created with FFS patients in mind by women who know what you’re going through. The property is managed by Jenny Bowman and her assistant Nicola Roberts, trans-women with unending compassion and understanding as you go through your facial feminization recuperation.

Patients who have stayed at Jenny’s Nest during their recovery recommend it without reservation, not only because of the comfortable accommodations and specially designed services, but because of the supportive community of women sharing their experiences. You will find a family at Jenny’s Nest, at a time when having loving support by your side is truly priceless.

Read more about Jenny´s Nest here.

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