Jenny Bowman of THE HIDDEN WOMAN – Why did I choose FFS?

My name is Jenny and I am the community manager of social networks for Facial Team.

So why consider FFS?

I was about nine years old when I first began dressing in female clothes, I didn’t know why. I just knew it always felt right for me to do so. Back then I had to keep my secret, as of course I was a boy and boys didn’t do this sort of thing. As I grew older, I hid it away in an attempt to lead the masculine life that was expected of me.

I continued dressing privately, but the desire to live a public life as the person I wanted to be, accelerated within me. I ‘enjoyed’ some 220 hours of delightful needle electrolysis to remove my facial hair, lost weight and did my utmost to present as female. But as always, I felt that I could never be, as my masculine facial features denied the possibility of integration with the outside world.

With the advent of the internet, I read of many others who felt as I did and about something which was to change my life, this was called FFS. As a transwoman, I fully understand the importance of our facial surgery and of our need to integrate within society and blend as best as possible. FFS though, is also about our own personal realisation of the person we would wish to be, and the face we see looking back at us in the mirror everyday of our lives.

To feel so many emotions, but be denied our ability for expression is destructive and harmful to our general wellbeing. FFS offers a fundamental solution in our transition and its importance cannot be over emphasised. It is therefore of great importance that we receive clearly stated advice on our proposed procedures, and realistic expectations of their outcome.

We should also receive the very best in customer service, communication, organisation, postoperative care and any revision surgery, should this be required. For us, FFS is about much more than being another operation on a hospitals schedule, it is about living our lives as the people we wish to be.

My introduction to Facial Team began when I set out to establish standard criteria for patient evaluation. It soon became apparent that not only did Facial Team meet this criteria, they exceeded expectations in all elements of my proposal. Dr Luis Capitán and Dr Daniel Simon’s energy and commitment to innovative surgical techniques is inspiring. This combined with an infrastructure of patient support make Facial Team world leaders in the provision of this highly important and specialised surgery to us!

In my website you will find a wealth of information on Facial Feminisation Surgery and many examples are shown of what may be achieved. This is also a community website and provides information on professional support services and general trans information. In our section ‘Real Women, Real Lives’ we also invite your personal accounts of topical trans issues which may benefit our community in general.

We have ‘set the bar’ at the highest level as no other level should be acceptable! In my view excellence in all areas should not be hoped for, it should be guaranteed!

We look forward to you visiting us and I hope that I may meet you personally at our consultations in London. For further information then do email me.


Best wishes,


Jenny Bowman

Community Manager Facial Team